Auto Dealership Monitoring



Auto Dealership security is more than protecting your inventory from theft. Eagle Vision Security provides a full security solution that also protects against damage to your fleet. Our security solutions for Auto Dealership’s helps deter and stop property damage and other risks- especially with high-valued inventory outside on public display.


Theft on Car Dealerships

An outdoor car lot is vulnerable to theft because typically there is no fenced perimeter. This open area is especially susceptible to crime.

Liability Claims and Customer Car Damage

Your dealership has likely dealt with fraudulent liability claims when a customer has left your vehicle with your service department.


Vehicle Vandalism

The more expensive & pristine your dealership, the more attractive it is to vandals. Our Live Voice service catches vandals in the act, and stops them.

A Complete Auto Dealership Security Solution

Eagle Vision Security’s proven method of crime prevention is implemented at many car & truck dealerships throughout Canada. Using strategically placed camera’s, your dealership is under the watchful eye of live agents at all times.

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