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Commercial Monitoring


Commercial & Retail properties present unique security challenges.

With high priced goods for sale, they are an easy target for thieves and vandals. Eagle Vision Security has a solution dedicated to keep commercial, retail, and strip plazas safe. By strategically placing cameras around the property, our AI infused camera’s teamed with live agents allows us to stop crime before it happens. Using extremely loud speakers, our agents are able to prevent any damage or theft before it happens.

Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping is the biggest issue that commercial property tenants and owners need to deal with.

Eagle Vision Security offers a dedicated solution to prevent this from happening.

Using A.I. we are able to immediately detect any movement near or around garbage rooms or bins. With ultra-HD cameras which have license plate recognition built in, we can clearly identify the license plate of any vehicle stopping near the area. Live agents take control of the situation and use loud speakers directed at those illegally dumping to notify them that they have been spotted. And, their license plate and faces have been captured.


Stop vandals in the act! Broken windows, spray painting, damage to the building.
Stop illegal parking of vehicles on your property during overnight.
Prevent people from using garbage dumpsters for use only by your tenants.
Prevent physical damage to your building and accessories to your building.

Our Goal Is To Prevent Crime Before It Happens

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Eagle Vision Security has helped hundreds of retail plaza owners stop and prevent commonly issues faced by all retail and strip plaza owners. Using the latest in-house pioneered technology, our live agents are able to secure your property. With our live voice communication, intruders are instantly met with clear, concise, loud warnings.

Eagle Vision Security has developed an excellent relationship with local police departments. Any calls placed to local police departments are instantly taken on a priority 1. Police are dispatched, and arrive within minutes of the call being placed to your property.

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