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Safety Protocol Enforcement

Pre-trip Inspection

Pre-trip inspections are mandated for all truck drivers. This is an important walk around check to ensure that equipment is safe and no faults are found. Live Agents at Eagle Vision Security will follow drivers as they conduct the pre-trip inspection ensuring that nothing was missed. Should the driver attempt to exit the yard without doing a pre-trip, they will not be granted access. Details of the incident will be immediately relayed onto your safety & compliance team.

PPE Inspection

Many sites require specific PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) to be correctly worn while present at the location. Safety Protocol Enforcement with Eagle Vision Security begins at the entrance. This is where Live Agents will check, verify, and log that each person has the necessary PPE equipment required for that site. Our Live Agents also have the ability to deny entry on the basis of missing PPE.

PPE Supervision

Live Agents at Eagle Vision Security will ensure that all staff are wearing the appropriate PPE equipment required by the site. We will be your extra set of eyes to ensure that safety protocols are being followed. Our Live Agents will check for things such as:

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