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Construction Site Security

Construction Site Security

Construction sites are wide open areas that are ever-changing work environments that pose unique security challenges. Theft, vandalism, and unauthorized entry of individuals all contributes to liability issues for your project. Eagle Vision Security monitors, watches, and secures your construction site to ensure that only authorized trades and individuals are allowed to enter the site.

Live Video Monitoring

Eagle Vision Security’s tailored video surveillance solution for your construction site works in real-time. We watch and report events as they happen. Specially trained Live Agents take control of a situation when needed and dispatch any services needed.

Construction Site Supervision

Construction sites are busy and chaotic environments with multiple trades working at different tasks. Equipment is left in the open, hardware used for construction is delivered on a daily basis, and tools are left overnight to be used for the project. These are all easy targets for thieves. With a full 360 degree view of your construction site, Eagle Vision Security ensures that all outdoor assets are kept under the watchful eye of Live Agents.

Safety Protocol Management

Inspections by local building departments are happening all the time. At random times and days. Eagle Vision Security will be your extra set of eyes. Live Agents will ensure that safety protocols are always being followed such as:

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