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Live Video Monitoring- More Than Just Watching.

Live Video Monitoring- More Than Just Watching.

Surveillance Cameras are great to have installed at any business. They record, document, and recordings can be referenced back on when needed.  There is only one problem with this.  This is a reactive approach.  Waiting for something to happen, then reviewing the incident.

Live Video Monitoring by Eagle Vision Security provides more than just the latest A.I. technology paired with live agents watching your property.  It provides detailed insights into your operations.  It provides reporting of all kinds.  It provides real-time deterrence.  It provides a true pro-active approach to security monitoring.

In this blog, we will cover some of the advantages of Live Video Monitoring.

Increasing Employee Safety:
With Eagle Vision Security providing Safety Protocol Enforcement you can have the peace of mind knowing that all company procedures related to the job are being followed.  Furthermore, with live agents overlooking any site, they can ensure that all staff are wearing any and all required Personal Protection Equipment required to be while on the premises.


Counter-Voice: By Eagle Vision Security:
Once an alert is triggered, live agents at Eagle Vision Security take control of the situation immediately.  Using specialized loud-horn speakers strategically placed around the property, would-be intruders are made aware of live agents speaking to them.  Letting them know that they have been spotted and to leave the premises immediately.

Insurance and Operational Savings:

Insurance companies love seeing an extra set of eyes watching over your property and assets!  Whether this be a Truck Yard, Construction Site, Automotive Dealership, Commercial site, Warehouse, or any other property, insurance companies are providing significant discounts on premiums to those that have live monitoring security solutions deployed.  The Eagle Vision Security solution costs a fraction of what traditional security guard’s costs.  
No upfront fees or charges.  And it provides more services and reporting than any onsite guard solution could ever provide.

Access Controls:

Live Video Monitoring comes with the ability to control gates, doors, barriers, and other access controls remotely.  
Verification of a person before being allowed to enter a property is done by matching their identification to a pre-authorized list of personnel.  Once a match is made, only then will our live agents trigger the gate at your site to open or close.  During this process vital information such as: date, time, vehicle information, license plates, and other information are logged for record keeping purposes.

Operational Insights:

Deterring crime is only a small part of what Live Video Monitoring can do.  Eagle Vision Security’s reporting provides owners and management with live analytics into their workflow.  We work closely with your team to find and improve operational efficiencies regardless of what industry you maybe in.  Having an extra set of your eyes reporting critical events, helps improve workflow, response times, and ultimately savings for the business.

In conclusion, Live Video Monitoring provides much more than just a live video feed.  It comes with immense reporting and insights into your day-to-day operations.  Security is significantly improved, operations are streamlined, and this is all accomplished while saving costs over traditional methods.  Eagle Vision Security is a leader in Live Video Monitoring.  Our solutions are deployed right across North America in multiple industry sectors. 

To learn more about how Live Video Monitoring can help protect your property or assets, get in Contact with us and let’s setup a time to get together.